About Witskies

Witskies is a mobile Internet company focused on mobile application and games advertising overseas. Witskies was founded in 2012, devoting to the construction of offline channels. It has built strategic cooperation with plenty of major manufacturers and designers of mobile phone nationwide. Meanwhile, Witskies has been maintaining a long-term and stabilizing collaboration with Internet companies at home and abroad such as Baidu, Changyou, King Soft, Tencent, Cheetah Mobile, Shuzi Tianyu and Kunlun Games. Witskies also earns great reputation from customers on the mobile advertising worldwide. Currently, Witskies becomes one of the most famous Internet companies nationwide, and it is one of the largest domestic offline advertising channels targeting in overseas markets.


Ever since Witskies was founded, it has promoted more than 5,000 applications comprehensively. At the same time, with our sincere hearts, we won an avalanche of consolidated trust from customers like Baidu Browser, UC browser, Android Store and Tencent Manager, etc.



API interface of our partners will be used directly, which enables a full range of ads information resources being spread out quickly so that ads can be displayed to users widely in the targeted areas with frequent exposure, high resource utilization and great conversion effect.


SDK interface is integrated and used, which enables you to have an easier access to all data and services, constructing full-functioned, highly interactive applications.